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       I returned to the Crypt O Knights, or should I say became active again as I had several characters in the guild who were not active, with the intention of building the guild up, hoping to attract new members who held similar concepts as I do about what a guild should be, and to form new friendships. 
       To me, and perhaps to most of our active members, a guild is about camraderie and friendship, it is about having fun and helping each other out. It is not about how high the level of the guild is and how many buffs the ship has, these are just benefits of a guild, not a reason for the guild. It is not about who contributed the most renown, or who is the most active. If an item you can use is offered as a quest end reward and guild renown is also offered, I would strongly encourage you to choose the item you want, the guild renown will come. If a guild member needs help with a quest or getting a needed item, I strongly encourage those who are able to help. 
       I encourage our officers to recruit any unguilded players who show an interest in our guild, but only if they have run quests together with that person. I do strongly discourage attempts to steal people away from other guilds. I also strongly discourage recruiting any and everybody who asks for a guild invite just for the sake of filling our ranks.
       This is not to say we should only recruit experienced players, for we should welcome new players as well. Any potential recruits should show traits of fair play, courteousness to all other players in the game, and a willingness to be part of a team.  I would avoid recruiting people who take the game too seriously, avoid people who get angry easily and attack other players or lay blame on other players. we should avoid people who are hyper-critical of another players build or insistant that only their way is best, and of course try our best to avoid anyone who feeds on drama or is extremely confrontational. A game is for entertainment and having fun, we all have enough 'real-life' drama and confrontations to worry about, we don't need it when we are trying to enjoy ourselves and escape from the real world, even if only for a short time.

                Thank you for your time, and may the gods smile upon your adventures...
                                  Dennalashae Wolvesblood 
Guild News

Return of the Weakly News

Dennalashae, Nov 24, 12 8:51 PM.
Coming Soon!!
The Weakly News will soon return to full production. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Weakly News, and that would include everyone except Lourendia, it was a post that I put on the first website of The Crypt O Knights guild. The posts migrated to the website for the Savagly Talented Dragonslayers website when I was active in that guild, and has not been active since late 2009 I believe.
     To describe the posts I would have to say; it was published at random intervals, usually during game downtime, and it read as a news show. A few of my characters were used as the hosts and it was, in my opinion, relatively light humor that only someone who played DDO would get. You know what? To heck with the description go here and check out the WEAKLY NEWS archives.

The Library is Open

Dennalashae, Nov 1, 12 4:12 PM.
Attention Wizards and Artificers,
   Having trouble finding a certain scroll to scribe in your spell book. Take a look at the newly opened House Wolvesblood Library, in the forums under General. 

                                    Or just click the link below to go straight to the forum...

                                    House Wolvesblood Library

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dennalashae, Oct 23, 12 11:13 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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